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The hour of the oryx: Book Three of the moon of masarrah Mystery Series



The Moon of Masarrah


Would you help to look for a famous diamond if you knew it might cost you your life? Zaid had no idea of the danger involved when he and his sister Zahra, join with new friends Layla and Adam in a quest to find the missing Moon of Masarrah diamond. Their idyllic summer vacation takes many surprising twists and turns as they rummage around Bayan House for the elusive gem. Discovery of a dusty journal compels them to investigate an old murder, and mysterious boats in Bayan Cove throw them into the path of dastardly pirates. The teenagers are tested to the limits of endurance as they face one setback after another. Will they succeed in solving the riddle that will lead them to the long-lost diamond? Or will they be scared off by dangerous enemies determined to stop them at all costs?

The Moon of Masarrah is Book One of Farah Zaman’s The Moon of Masarrah Mystery Series.



The Treasure at Bayan Bluffs 

The Moon of Masarrah is the Second Edition of The Treasure at Bayan Bluffs. Please read my Blog, "How I Took the Treasure and turned it into The Moon," to find out how the Second Edition came into being. Below is the original Synopsis for The Treasure at Bayan Bluffs:

Zaid and Zahra's summer visit to Bayan Bluffs turns into an adventurous quest with their new friends, Adam and Layla. The foursome is on a mission to find the moon of Masarrah, a famous gem that mysteriously disappeared decades ago. As they dig deep into the past for answers, an old murder soon becomes a new mystery, revealing one shocking discovery after another. Will the children find the Moon before their vacation ends? Or will they be scared off by dangerous enemies determined to stop them at all costs?

Readers ages 9-18 will be spellbound by this suspenseful and artfully-crafted tale that keeps them guessing page after page.





A desert castle. An evil presence. A thirst for vengeance. 

Four teenagers are about to have a vacation they’ll never forget. When Layla, her brother Adam, and their friends Zaid and Zahra, arrive at Dukhan Castle, they anticipate an exciting time exploring the mysteries of nature. They soon find themselves delving into mysteries of a different nature. A cloaked figure, spooky midnight screams, incense being burned in the eerie lookout tower, and startling secrets are just a few. The clues can only lead to one conclusion. Something sinister is simmering beneath the surface and it’s just a matter of time before it breaks loose. A chance encounter with a gypsy woman begins a guessing game of intrigue, pitting the teenagers against a shadowy foe known as Al-Aqrab, the Scorpion. As danger draws closer to the castle, they must race against time to unmask the Scorpion and foil a demonic scheme of revenge. 

The Sign of the Scorpion is the thrilling second book in The Moon of Masarrah Series.