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The Moon of Masarrah is a literary treasure, an exciting adventure that both children and adults can get lost in.  The author’s style of writing is both beautiful and captivating. You will not be disappointed.” -Candace L. Rahaman   


“A tantalizing tale of adventure and mystery. Farah Zaman has taken a YA book and given it an exciting spin of daring intrigue that both me and my children found irresistible. Wow! Highly recommend.” -Sharron Yaffai


“The biggest reason I like the Moon of Masarrah, is it is well written. There aren't confusing passages, or too many characters or boring preachy paragraphs. The plot is good, the dialogue believable and the fact that they are Muslim children, just adds depth to the story. I would love to do this as a Book Club book for 5th through 8th grade. The writing quality and the different characters the students would be able to identify with, would make it a lot of fun.” -Kirin Nabi, The Islamic School Librarian


“The Moon of Masarrah, set in an exotic location, begins with suspense and follows Layla, Adam, Zaid and Zahra as they get roped into solving the mystery. I have to say it was a fun ride and I kept guessing until the very end.” -Aneela Siddique


“This is a wonderful book for young readers. The suspense will keep you wanting to read for hours. I like how it includes the basic daily life of a Muslim, like the kids always pray their salah and the girls are dressed in their hijab. It's encouraging for young readers, showing them that they can have fun.” -Sherry Mandol          


“Clever story with very likable characters. Very glad to have fiction that's appealing, adventurous, and "normal" with Muslim main characters that my children will be able to relate to.” -Nihaad Zaman

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