Tidings of Goodness

Hark, o people, to the tidings of goodness

Of divine mercy and a promise of forgiveness

Of a wondrous place where the blessed go

In gardens beneath which rivers flow.


There are beautiful homes in mansions

Among noble and revered companions

With food and drink beyond compare

And bounteous gifts precious and rare.


What deeds must I do to earn this grace?

I’d love to dwell in this wonderful place

First, I must possess the best of faith

Long, long before I can enter the gate.


Sincerity must shine from all that I do

The deeds I do must be honest and true

My heart I must polish bright and pure

Swayed not by the world’s allure.


The Garden of Paradise beckons to me

I yearn to abide therein for eternity

So I must struggle hard and long

To keep my faith firm and strong.