Ode to the Ocean

The Lord of the universe created me

To quicken me to life, He just said ‘Be’

Then on earth my waters flowed

A deep and dark mysterious abode


Endless secrets are hidden in my depths

Throughout the ages I’ve faithfully kept

Clasped to my bosom are untold riches

Buried beneath in dark little niches


Day after day I splash to shore

Over the wind you can hear my roar

When the moon beckons I ebb and flow

By the light of the stars I glimmer and glow


My body stretches miles after mile

From winter land to tropical isle

From field of golden harvests

To lands of lush rainforests


By my Lord’s will the ships sail

Carried along by wind and gale

Seeking their fortune day after day

Plowing their bows in the watery way


So many delight in my spraying foam

So many creatures call me their home

I’m a flowing wonder for all to see

Forever cloaked in mystery!